Gross Motor Skills

Gross Motor Skills

Skill Definition

A crucial part of a child's large muscle motor development.

Child’s Benefit

Coordination of larger muscles movements. Necessary for crawling and head lifting in infants, and synchronization of large muscle skills in toddlers.
Auditory Sensory Development

Auditory Sensory Development

Skill Definition

The utilization of sound, working with the other senses, to develop an understanding of a child’s environment.

Child’s Benefit

Auditory Sensory Development is necessary for almost every activity that a child learns to perform because the combination of multiple sensory inputs is essential for children to comprehend their surroundings.

Melody Snaily

  • Item # 851003
  • Age 6m+
  • 1 Pieces

Roll me, Poke me, Play me!

Cute Snaily offers musical discovery and reward!

Each of the eight colors in this plush Snaily has soft buttons, which can play melodies or individual notes.

They can play melodies when they discover the button under the brightly colored sections. By pressing a secret switch on the antenna you can re-purpose Melody Snaily to play single notes, making it a keyboard to learn color matching and tracking when playing along with the included color matching music cards. 

$ 29.99


Rolls up to go to sleep

Attaches to car seat, carrier, etc.


2 AA batteries

Color matching cards

Pack Dimensions:

19x14x23 cm

6.5x2.5x13.5 inches


Children get a great sense of self-esteem playing the songs they grew up listening to!