Auditory Sensory Development

Auditory Sensory Development

Skill Definition

Encompasses the abilities required to control the smaller muscles of the body generally found in the hands.

Child’s Benefit

A crucial ability required to experience and learn about the world. As example, holding a pencil, crayon or fork requires basic fine motor skills.

Musical Rings

  • Item # HL8888
  • Age 3m+
  • 4 Pieces

This unique, oversized and superior collection of 4 Musical Rings is ideal for early ages. A modern and innovative design Includes 4 different color rings with 4 different sounds.

Shake the rings to enhance audio and fine motor skills, while introducing to the concept of cause and effect

Early audio and visual sensory while being introduced to the world of sounds and music

$ 19.99


Includes: 4 different color rings with 4 different sounds

Pack Dimensions:

10x4x7 inches

4 different sounds