Tactile Sensory Development

Tactile Sensory Development

Skill Definition

Also known as the sense of touch, it refers to stimulation reaching the central nervous system from receptors in the skin.

Child’s Benefit

A child’s first and most important teacher is their sense of touch. It is the first sense they develop and can be stimulating, relaxing and therapeutic.
Easy Grip

Easy Grip

Skill Definition

A feature a toy possesses, though not developmental.

Child’s Benefit

Makes it easy for small hands, soapy hands or challenged hands to grasp, pick up, use and manipulate.

Textured Blocks - 30pcs

  • Item # 716030
  • Age 2+
  • 30 Pieces

Edushap’s Textured Blocks have a distinctly textured front and back.

Perfectly sized blocks for little hands

Ideal for fine motor skill development

Soft and flexible

$ 29.90


 Includes: 30 brightly soft colored blocks

Comes in PVC bag for easy storage and easy cleanup case.  

Pack Dimensions:

22 x 15H cm

8.5 x 6H inches